The Mountanos family has been in the coffee business in California since 1898, when two brothers, Richard and Stratis Mountanos, emigrated from Greece.

They began roasting and selling coffee in San Francisco and Oakland. Their success was built on outstanding service and excellent products such as fancy, high quality arabica coffees.

Our family is still prominent in the coffee industry and has expanded with the growth of the specialty coffee phenomenon with M.P. Mountanos, Inc. and Mountanos Brothers Coffee Company (visit Mountanos Brothers Coffee Company).

Over time, members of our family fell in love with the beauty and tranquility of the little town of Ukiah, in northern California. Because Mendocino County is prime vineyard country, it was natural for us to become interested in the business of growing grapes for wine.

With the creation of the Mountanos Vineyards, we brought the same business and family work ethic to the wine business that we were known for in the coffee trade. Our company emphasizes the simple concepts of honesty, purity of product, and respect for the customer.

Today, we manage two wonderful vineyards nestled in a beautiful valley and carefully tended by us.